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So much more than a pumpkin farm!

Come and see for yourself what we offer...

The Pumpkin House first opened in 2018 and is a handmade wooden house decorated with over 1,000 pumpkins.  Located in North Norfolk, it was created by us....husband and wife team Henry and Victoria Cushing on our family farm.

We decided to create the Pumpkin House when we were looking for a diversification project and were toying with the idea of a pumpkin farm. We had lots of scaffold boards lying around, lots of old machinery and a love for Halloween - this and some inspiration from America encouraged us to build The Pumpkin House and open up the pumpkin farm to visitors.

Since then, we have continued to grow and new for 2022, we will be opening a Maize Maze during the summer. We are hoping to add an Easter event in 2023 and even open a small nature reserve.  It is entirely independent, run by us and our two children and for the rest of the year we grow sugar beet, wheat, barley and look after pigs.

Our events are inspired by the countryside and offer families the chance to enjoy simple pleasures like visiting a pumpkin farm, jumping in hay and looking round tractors or enjoying music from our vintage organ with some homemade cake.

We are only open to the public for our seasonal events, not all year round. Please check before visiting us.  

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